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For some time now, we see those of you inspired by us, making art.

Your art has inspired us to share it.

Art encompasses many different mediums. Alongside drawings, sketches, paintings, things like tattoos, make up, clothes, digital art, cosplay… all of this that you create is art, and the way we evoke emotion with you, it is the same for us when we see this connection, between us and you. We feel this personal connection but we also feel that art is for everyone, so this is why we are hosting this exhibition, featuring you.

We will host the Starseed Art Prize, where we will select our 10 favourite pieces between us, and then open a vote for the Supporters to decide.

The deadline for submissions is December 20th 2023, the shortlist will be announced 22 December 2023, and voting will commence then. Your Instagram Profile must be public in order for your submission to be counted. Voting will close 23 December 2023, and the winners will be announced.

🖤 The Band

*Based on follows, fan-art, promotion, activity, etc..


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