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The Band_

Johnny Craven is an Industrial Rock / Alternative Rock band created by namesake lead singer Johnny Craven between Barcelona and New York in 2018. The band, initially, started as an alternative and personal project by Johnny as a songwriter and inevitably degenerated as a rock band. They gained a significant cult following in Europe in the early 2019s with their early release of "unofficial" demos and their shocking live performances. 

"(...) I was playing in some bands, composing and playing live...none of that satisfied my artistic appetites...then i started writing songs without the musical or psychological barriers imposed by others"

_Johnny Craven

Early Live Shows [2019]_

During their early shows, the band members dressed in outlandish makeup and goth-scfi costumes, and engaged in bizarre behavior both onstage and off. Their lyrics often received criticism for their anti-religious and anti-social sentiment and references to sex, violence, anarchy and occultism, while their shocking live performances were frequently called offensive and obscene.


 >Johnny Craven [Photo by Markus Zirconite]

 <"BLEƎD" release video on youtube.

Bleed [2020]_

"Bleed" released on November 1, 2020, is the first official recording by Johnny Craven, a very special maxi-single which includes "Bleed" (Album version) (the first single from "MACH1NƎ" (the debut studio long play album (Release 2022).

Post-Produced and mixed by the emergent producer and musician Charles Kallaghan Massabo (Davey Suicide, Falling In Reverse...) in Kallaghan Studios in Los Angeles, California, and mastered by the legendary mastering engineer Ted Jensen.


"Bleed" includes remixes and alternative versions of the song, reinterpretations made by Nero Bellum  [from Psyclon 9, Not My God (Nero´s project with Tim Skold) ]; the Grammy-award-winning mix legend, the producer Philip Larsen [Soft Cell, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Moby, Lady Gaga, Manhattan Clique...]; Billboard Nº1 electronic producer Gosteffects [Duran Duran, Ladytron, Fischerspooner...]; the frontman and singer Jay Gordon from Orgy; the left hand path writer and well-known occultist Michael W. Ford under the name of Akhtya (his ritualistic musick project); Azaria, the electronic project created by Carlos Calderón, chief producer at Rec Division Studios and ex-Cycle; and the band´s live keyboardist and machinery-boy 6-35.


This recording also includes b-sides/outtakes as bonus tracks, the "interlude": "Again" and the head banging track: "Bang Bang".


​[Click here to listen to the recording and read additional info about "Bleed"]

Bill Saber
Mechanical Moon

Mechanical Moon [2021]_

"Mechanical Moon" ready to be released on 2021, is the second official recording by Johnny Craven, the second single from their album "Machine" and again, a very special maxi-single,  includes "Mechanical Moon", "Worst of Me","Creepy Crawl", "Pollinate Me" and "I´m The Devil" song which the raper: Bill $aber is featured.

The Maxi contains rare versions of the single, a couple of remixes, and some rare material. Here, the band clearly plays with their own haters and the cult-imagery they are accused to project.

Created during the hardest moments during the world Coronavirus pandemic, the songs reflect energy and Cravenism is its purest form.


During this period, the band suffered, again, the strongest censorship by extremist religious groups accusing Craven of being the new Antichrist, a clone, cataloging the "Starseed" fan movement as a cult, and thousand crazy things more...

To top it off, Youtube, Instagram and other online platforms blocked songs, art-videos, deleted images and don´t let the band promote "Bleed".

"The Craven Family" created the "#isupportjohnnycraven movement", a movement against censhorship in musick, specially in Johnny Craven´s art, where several JC followers "Starseeds" express their opinion about the recent events suffered by the band.

 >Bill $aber

 >"MECHANICAL MOON" album cover.

 <"#isupportjohnnycraven" fans support video on youtube.

Machine [2022]_

The band´s first studio album "MACH1NƎ", with Charles Kallaghan in the charge of the post production and the mix again, and Johnny sharing co-production duties and all of the song writing process as well.

The album is a compilation of reworked tracks from the early band's demos, as well as songs composed for this recording -released during October 2022.


"(...) "MACH1NƎ" will be a cryptic work, which does not relate, but rather is influenced by a story and its applications to real life or possible lifes...


The main character of the story is 7 (Seven)...much of the lyrics -always with double and even triple meanings- speak of his flight, self-destruction... his catharsis, his encounter with the chaos... and his interaction with the alter ego, digital entity or etheric intelligence "The Spider"...


These songs are just echoes or symptoms of the influence of the communion and exchange of actions between these two characters, and the inspiration given by their story, a story with open source, alive and in constant expansion, as a multimedia egregore...


(The story) Even influenced, interpreted and therefore constructed by the listener... the story itself is not written, ordered or concluded... and it´s valid to be prescribed and used in many other ways..."

_Johnny Craven

About "MACH1NƎ" and its lyric content

""The figure of "The Spider" appeared to me in dreams or in what I thought was an astral projection... an entity which was emanating a huge dark power.. he just said out loud: "I am the spider that weaves the threads"..."

_Johnny Craven

About "The Spider"

"(...) sounds from the past and the future, influences of the 80s and 90s as fuzzy memories of a past future that never happened, or at least in the world conceived as real ..."

_Johnny Craven

About "MACH1NƎ" and its sound


 >"MACH1NƎ" album cover.

Conceptual Vision_

Johnny Craven is a temporary human creator reincarnated on a Tuesday on the planet you call Earth.

_Johnny Craven

About himself

“All forms of beauty, like all possible phenomena, contain an element of the eternal and an element of the transitory - of the absolute and of the particular. Absolute and eternal beauty does not exist, or rather it is only an abstraction creamed from the general surface of different beauties. The particular element in each manifestation comes from the emotions: and just as we have our own particular emotions, so we have our own beauty.”

_Johnny Craven

About art, beauty and its perception

6-35 editado.png




Keyboardist / Machinery Scientific / Cyber-Transrainhuman
_the live mechanical boy of the band

Mike Krueger


Bassist / Chaos Agent / Headbanger
_the live bassist of the band



Guitarrist / Strings / Creepy-Crawls & Family Jams
_the live guitarrist of the band



Drummer / Percussion / Spanks
_the live drummer of the band

Other Languages
She Wolf.png
"The Johnny Craven's debut single "BLE3D" is a sadistic, violent and alternative trip to some distant future. [...] "
"A completely fresh industrial sound [...] Be sure to get his works"


-Artizts Fanzine [About BLE3D by Johnny Craven]  OCT. 2020

Alternative Press

"Johnny Craven – Namesake Frontmann wirft schockierend schönes Debüt ‚Bleed‘ auf die Industrial Metal Szene ab!"
"Projekt und klingt dabei wie eine Fusion aus Marilyn Manson und Nine Inch Nails. Dies ist jedoch keine negative Vergleichsziehung, sondern Johnny Craven macht dies auf eine fantastische Art. Auf Bleed befinden sich neben dem originalen Titel, auch noch neun weitere Remixes von Bleed, welche allesamt die Veröffentlichung von Bleed aufwerten."
"Der gezogene Vergleich mit Mister Manson und Trent Renzor ist hierbei nicht allzuweit hergeholt und denoch bietet Johnny Craven auf seinem Debüt eine ordentliche Portion Originilaiät. "

-Philipp Gottfried [About Johnny Craven and BLE3D] NOV. 2020

She Wolf

Info Music.png
Michael Beinhorn
"Le groupe est rapidement monté en flèche en Europe grâce à une productivité, une créativité hors normes ainsi que des prestations scéniques mémorables. (...)"
"“BLEED” est un maxi-single particulier qui regroupe le morceau phare “BLEED” ainsi que 4 remix inédits. Le morceau original offre une énergie sans précédent, une claque violemment revivifiante, une intensité musicale qui nous possède. Il nous livre également des influences classic rock et punk qui plairont aux amateurs de bon son. (..)"
"Rien que ça…Une équipe exceptionnelle qui offre dans “BLEED” une qualité maîtrisée et unique. Vous l’aurez compris, grâce à ce premier projet solide et sans failles, Jhonny Craven entre par la grande porte parmi les meilleurs groupes de 2020.” (...)"

-Info Music [About Johnny Craven and BLE3D] NOV. 2020

Indiezone Mag.png
"“BLEƎD” is one of the best songs you’ll hear this year and one that many listeners will add to their playlists. The project, which also includes b-sides, bonus track and remixes (...), is overall a cohesive opus which showcases Johnny Craven’s immense potential, and also places the band amongst other outstanding emerging artists on the planet. "

-Indiezone Mag [About BLE3D and Johnny Craven ] NOV. 2020

"There’s always a new discovery out there and it makes the world of music very interesting all the time. Johnny Craven is a good example of that.."
"an interesting mix of electronica and Alternative Rock with gothic aesthetics. Quite the combination, backed with musical quality, which is the most important part."

-Kevin Tanza [About Johnny Craven] NOV. 2020


"This song has stepped up quite a lot from what I originally heard. Sonically, it’s tighter- a much better, more exciting and professional sounding presentation all the way around. [...]"


"The vocal performance and tone has a bit more urgency now. it’s translating as different, even unique, with this project and what sounds like [...]"


"’ve heard other artists wind up getting support positions on tours with other artists who are moderately- very successful (ie- Korn, Manson, etc). 

The other artists I referred to are making music in the same general genre as Johnny Craven and they are comparable (they’ve also been around longer than JC and that anyone could consider them comparable is promising). Being completely honest, with a finished album of songs that are in this ballpark, JC will very likely be able to get some good tours (once COVID is under control). Additionally, with good social media connections, shouldn’t have much trouble getting awareness that way. [...]"

-Michael Beinhorn [About BLE3D by Johnny Craven] OCT. 2020

Grammy Winner Producer: [Hole, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins...]

"Su poesía perversa y seminal, contra todo prejuicio social, moral o establecido, denunciante por definición, violenta por tendencia, lúcida y fantástica, ha otorgado a su obra un broche de genialidad impermeable y ha conseguido que se mantenga un devoto interés por las visiones de uno de los iconos más cínicos, crudos y desafiantes del underground"

-Carlos Hernaiz [About Johnny Craven´s lyrics and his persona] SEPT. 2019


Jeremy Dawson
“Bang Bang: The vocal is loud... its on top... it sounds good... [...] "

"Bleed: This one feels bigger, more forward. the bottom end is there. The kick sounds better. The vocal is not quite as present in the mix as Bang Bang maybe. Anyway nothing bothered me about the vocal.”
"I was 100% certain this guy was from LA.. [...] They could tour with someone like Julian K, I'm sure if they wanted.“


-Jeremy Dawson [About Bang Bang, BLE3D & JC]  OCT. 2020

Grammy Nominated Musician [Shiny Toy Guns]

"A banda, inicialmente, começou como um projeto alternativo e pessoal de Johnny como compositor e inevitavelmente degenerou como uma banda de Rock. Eles ganharam um culto significativo na Europa no início de 2019 com o lançamento antecipado de demos “não oficiais” e suas chocantes apresentações ao vivo."

-Marcos Gonçalves [About BLE3D] NOV. 2020


Music Trails
"The original single “Bleed” smoothly with the words “I’m gonna make you bleed” creating a catchy melody we can sing along to as the song closes. Each remix brings its own interesting spin to the original through its upbeat instrumentation, energetic synth melodies, and Rock inspired rhythms. (...)"
"Bleed is leading the way for Johnny Craven’s upcoming album MACH1NƎ, set to release in 2021. The album will include a collection of reworked tracks from the band’s past demos, as well as new songs composed specifically for this release."
"Stay tuned for the official album dropping sometime in 2021! It may be possible to catch the band in New York or Europe later in the year too!"


-Evelin J. Mercedes [About BLE3D by Johnny Craven] NOV. 2020

Music Trails

Cresta Metalica.png
"Partiendo estilísticamente de un Industrial Rock personal, nutrido por otros géneros y filias, Johnny Craven, plantea historias oscuras, oníricas, alienígenas y futuristas, dentro de un imaginario singular con destellos numerológicos y leitmotivs esotéricos.."

-Cresta Metalica [About BLE3D] JAN. 2021

"La postproducción y mezcla ha sido realizada por el productor emergente, Charles Kallaghan Massabo (Davey Suicide, Falling In Reverse …) en Kallaghan Studios en Los Ángeles, California. Ted Jensen, ganador de múltiples premios Grammy, que ha trabajado con leyendas como The Eagles, Green Day o Norah Jones, ha sido el ingeniero de masterización de la obra.

-iRock [About BLE3D] JAN. 2021

"Singles like this one are interesting for new bands because it serves as a way to introduce yourself to the music world and I personally think that Bleed does that job quite well, actually. Mainly because it sets the tone quite well of what to expect of this band and it’s a very nice musical description of everything they stand for, at least musically speaking."
"The track itself is quite straightforward and catchy, meant to get people’s attention from the very first listen, which I personally think is a very smart decision because it shows people what they are all about and does it with melodies, a catchy rhythm and with a very solid production, sounding crisp and clear in every single instrument and section of Bleed."
"I consider Bleed a solid introduction of Johnny Craven into the music world and a sound way to lead into their 2021 debut album, MACH1NƎ."

-Kevin Tanza [About BLE3D] NOV. 2020


kitchen toonz.png
"It has a cool electronic introduction followed by a really tight main riff. The vocals on the verses are solid and I liked the glitchy background effects and aggressive bass presence. It reminds me of a poppier, more electronic/alt Rammstein. The drums are really well done as well — they sound huge and the section around the two minute mark where he plays on the ride is dope. The chorus is catchy and I can definitely see this getting radio play."

-Kitchen Toonz [About BLE3D] NOV. 2020

Samuel Sporich
"The last track that isn’t a remix is Bang Bang. I honestly like this song better than the single. It’s got a really cyberpunk intro and a really tight bass line. I love the seedy vibe this song gives off, and the vocals on it are killer — especially the backing vocals during the middle of the song. It’s got a fun chorus and I loved the inclusion of harsh vocals to spice it up. It even delivered a cheeky breakdown near the end of the song which I enjoyed quite a bit."
"Bleed (Graveyard Party Remix) has some cool synth melodies and gives off a huge cybergoth vibe. It feels like it would be right at home playing at a seedy club in Blade Runner. Bleed (The Succubus Are Back Remix) has a solid groove and you can really vibe to it. I dug the heavy electronic sections, it reminded me of some modern metal riffs in the way it was played and the song as a whole gave me a New Order feel. I especially liked Bleed (We, Devourers of Light Gospel) because it took the song in a more unique direction. It has a cool intro and a much slower feel to it."

-Samuel Sporich [About BLE3D] NOV. 2020

The Further.png
"The outstanding artists who are melding underground punk influences with alternative rock is literally a dream come true. The lead singer invites us into their dark, yet overwhelming universe. "
"Their latest project is entitled “BLEƎD”, a maxi-single released this month. The main track of the same name sets the tone. Captivating, surprising, and an infectious alt-rock vibe."
"Johnny Craven stays true to themselves by delivering a music truly filled with authenticity, hard-hitting beats, intense guitars, and both interesting and memorable lyricism."

-The Further [About BLE3D and Johnny Craven] NOV. 2020

"The artist has recently published a Maxi Single of his song ‘Bleed’. And the prefix “Maxi” could not fit the release any better. These are forty-three minutes of pure dark energy. The title track ‘Bleed’ opens the Maxi Single. Furthermore, there are seven other versions of the song featured here. And to radius it all, there are two bonus tracks: the interlude ‘Again’ and the big finale of the Maxi Single ‘Bang Bang’."
"The sound Johnny Craven provides us with comes from the deepest cellars and dungeons of our post modern world. The melancholy of 90s Grunge and Alternative Rock creates a dark and gloomy soundscape. This space is filled up with the raging energy and dynamic movement of harsh Industrial Metal. For those who love it even more electronic, I recommend the version by Gosteffects called ‘Why fuck with the World when you can fuck up yourself Remix’. Hell yeah, that is the kind of nihilism I enjoy!
Johnny Craven’s Maxi Single is the soundtrack for ecstatic dance moves in the darkest dungeons or disused railways. “BLEƎD” is a perfect melange of the darkest sounds of the 90s. So turn the lights out and put on your sunglasses!"

-MangoWave [About BLE3D] DEC. 2020

"For fans of Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Korn"

-Bathoryzine [About BLE3D] NOV. 2020

" (...) Machine" is legendary (...) A recording that will last forever; It got some of the most memorable moments in Active and Modern Rock i ever heard (Mechanical Moon, Transmission, Out Into Space.) as well as some truly frightening moments (Starseeds) (...) Essential, this album is recommended to any Rock/Metal fan in general (...) Never underestimate the power of a debut album."

-Sean Nichols [About MACH1N3] NOV. 2020

Acid Rain

"...truly deserves the title of genius (...) If you like Alt. or Industrial Rock your mission for this year is to find this album and fall in love (...)"

-Stephen Gordon [About MACH1N3] NOV. 2020

Tock Rock Magazine

Jesse Cannon.jpg
"I gotta say this sounds fresh and really dead on, very rare (...) it sounds like they really developed these."

-Jesse Cannon [About TERATOMA] JUL. 2021


"This feels really strong"

-Jesse Cannon [About MECHANICAL MOON] JUL. 2021


"Really strong. this one mix is particularly good"

-Jesse Cannon [About 3FUCK553X] JUL. 2021


Fan article about Mike Krueger [In Spanish]

-Fiction Today [About Mike Krueger live bassist of the band]  FEB. 2019


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