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2020, November the 1st, Johnny Craven publishes “Bleed”, first release and maxi-single, previous to the upcoming album “MACH1NƎ”(scheduled for 2021 and finally dropped during 2022), that includes three original tracks and several remixes of the main song.


Post-production and mixing has been done by the emergent producer, Charles Kallaghan Massabo (Davey Suicide, Falling In Reverse...) at Kallaghan Studios in Los Angeles, California. Ted Jensen, winner of multiple Grammys, who has worked with actual legends like The Eagles, Green Day, Norah Jones… has been the mastering engineer of the work. In addition to the three original tracks, the maxi-single has several remixes of “Bleed” reconstructed by Nero Bellum (Psyclon 9, Not My God, his project with Tim Skold, etc…), the also winner of a Grammy, the producer Philip Larsen (Soft Cell, Human League, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Moby, Lady Gaga, Manhattan Clique…) and the New-Yorker producer Gosteffects, (Duran Duran, Ladytron, Army Of The Universe, Fischerspooner…), awarded several times as Billboard#1 for his productions. Within the remixes, there is a very special one made by the occult writer Michael W.Ford, under the name of Akhtya, his ritualistic music project. Furthermore, Azaria, the electronic project of Carlos Calderón, chief producer at Rec Division Studios in Madrid and ex-member of the band Cycle, who has produced bands like Fangoria, Dorian or OBK, and Jay Gordon from the Californian band Orgy. Finally, 6-35, the Johnny Craven’s synthesizer player and machinery-boy of the band.

Stylistically, starting from a personal Industrial Rock, fueled by other genres and personal tastes, Johnny Craven creates dark, oneiric, alien and futurist stories, in a singular imaginary with flashes of numerology and esoteric leitmotifs.

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 >Johnny Craven [Photo by Markus Zirconite]

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